Toilet lighting

Lighting in the toilet: Functional and aesthetic

Well-chosen lighting in the toilet makes "the smallest room" look bigger and makes people feel at ease. A toilet is more than just a functional room. The atmosphere and the interior you want to create in your home or hotel may also be reflected in the toilet. Pleasant toilet lighting therefore goes hand in hand with beautiful accessories such as taps, soap dispensers or towels. At Authentage, you will find a large selection of lighting for the toilet that will make any interior project a success.

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Wall lights, ceiling lights or pendant lights for your toilet at Authentage

At Authentage, you have the choice between various types of toilet lamps. Think for example of wall lights, ceiling lights or hanging lamps. It is always a good idea to place a light element as basic lighting. This will then illuminate the entire room in a functional yet warm manner. In addition, a wall lamp or a floor lamp can create extra atmosphere in the toilet area. Furthermore, a wall light is always a good choice for your toilet. In this way, you avoid light that shines too much directly on the toilet visitor, which may give an unpleasant feeling.

Authentage: Toilet lighting designed and assembled in Belgium

Lighting for the toilet from Authentage is completely handmade and assembled in Belgium. Our fixtures are diverse, but there is one factor that binds all of the lighting from Authentage: we always go for timeless, high-quality materials that we combine with the latest lighting technology. Think for example of energy-efficient led lighting. The signature colour of Authentage is bronze. In addition, we also offer colours such as brushed nickel, chrome and polished brass.

Enjoying warm light in the toilet

Lighting for your toilet is not just a functional form of lighting. If you want a beautifully finished toilet in a warm colour and with stylish toilet furniture and taps, the lighting for the toilet has to match. A light source with warm white light, combined with an authentic fixture, provides the ideal accent. Winter or summer, spring or autumn: the toilet gives you a cosy feeling at every visit.

Authentage provides custom lighting for the toilet

Be sure to have a look at the high ceiling pendant lamps in our range. These illuminate the toilet in a discreet and at the same time bright way. Spots or floor lamps are also among the possibilities at Authentage. Are you working on a project as an interior designer and do you have a specific form of toilet lighting in mind? Then be sure to contact us; at Authentage, we can also provide custom-made toilet lighting.

Authentage: a brand beloved by installers, interior designers and interior designers

Are you a professional active in the design of homes, hotels, restaurants or other businesses? Then be sure to check out the possibilities of toilet lighting from Authentage. As a private person, you can also get inspired by our authentic craftsmanship in the field of lighting. Contact us for the address of a dealer near you or an online player.