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Featured Project

Hotel Botanic Sanctuary Antwerp

"I like using the Authentage products because of the incredible quality of all their products which you can see straight away. The design transmits classical elegance and is a definite feature to include in the garden. It sums up to the complete ambience you want to achieve. Great experience!"   

"Authentage produces very nice, qualitative products with a splendid appearance that, in almost all cases, fit in very well with our projects. And not to mention a very nice, personal contact!" 

"Working with Authentage is our natural habitat, as we sell these lighting from the very first start of Authentage. The timeless designs, can be used in almost every kind of style. The designs are bringing warmth and ambiance as you can see here in one of our latest projects:"   

  • Beatrice PerlacLandscape designer
  • Bert van HamersveldInterior Designer
  • Art & DesignLighting store