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A characterful interior thanks to Authentage's retro lighting

Retro lighting gives your home a distinctive look and a unique atmosphere. At Authentage, you will find various luminaires that look perfect in a retro environment. These lights may match the retro trend, but they still work with contemporary lighting technology. Thus, we use LED lighting in our luminaires for a retro environment.

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Retro lighting is the mood creator par excellence

Lighting is a mood creator par excellence in an interior, that is well known. When you have customers or other guests over, you want them to enjoy a calm and cosy atmosphere. With the right combination of retro lighting and the right LED lighting, you achieve a beautiful and atmospheric interior.

Retro picks the best from the past to use in the future

"Retro" literally stands for going back to products and designs that have proven their worth in the past. At Authentage, we take the strengths of lighting designed in the past and apply them in a new environment. 

This is immediately the difference with vintage luminaires. Vintage luminaires are luminaires that are usually at least 30 years old and are now being reused.

Retro lighting with screws and an industrial look

At Authentage, the use of screws and the choice of industrial-style lighting fit perfectly within a retro look. Consider, for example, our luminaires Centonze, Marron, Comète, Poire, Elébase, Vitrine Petite, Barron, Micro and Macro. These luminaires are brand new, but breathe the atmosphere of days gone by.

Retro lighting fits both rural and modern interiors

Retro lighting by Authentage can be used in any type of interior. It is perfectly possible to integrate one of our retro luminaires in a modern design interior.

On the other hand, retro lighting with its colour palette of bronze, brushed nickel or chrome also blends perfectly into a rural interior. We always use Authentage's typical warm light and create a unique look in the Vitrine and Elébase, for example, thanks to retro LED lamps. The light source of the Barron and Vitrine Petite also provides an extra retro look.

Retro lighting fits in every room of your home

Retro lighting by Authentage can be used in any room. This can be in the halls of restaurants or in the lobby of a hotel, but also at home in the living room or in the bathroom, for example. For example, customers often choose a luminaire from the Barron collection as mirror lighting. Here, the Barron On Profile provides a distinctly retro look. 

Authentage: lighting with a retro touch and a view of the future! 

Authentage is a Belgian company that designs and manufactures handmade lighting fixtures. Each type of luminaire comes in one or more standard sizes, but customisation is also negotiable and possible. 

We know how to find the right and good solution for every project. This applies both to the choice of luminaire and to the choice of the right light intensity and heat. 

View our extensive range of retro lighting online. On our website, you will also find an overview of dealers who distribute Authentage lighting.