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Choose lighting for your pool house at Authentage

If you want atmospheric and functional lighting for your pool house, Authentage has a wide range of possibilities. For the outside, you can choose the Elégance, the Elébase, the Micro or fittings such as the Balume, the Vitrine or the Gracious. 

These are all durable fittings that go perfectly with natural materials such as tropical hardwood. In addition, they also create a warm atmosphere, making your pool and pool house inviting to linger even at dusk.

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Pool house lighting for inside and outside from Authentage

Atmospheric lighting inside your pool house is also a must. A pool house is often a place where you like to stay and where you place beautiful furniture. Authentage recommends the Micro spots for this purpose. The Elébase and Elégance Suspension are also good choices as pool house lighting.

An Authentage pendant lamp is ideal as pool house lighting

The Vitrine Suspension is a beautiful pendant lamp that fits perfectly above a table in your pool house. The Bellefeu Outdoor Vitrine Lantern Suspension is also a pendant lamp suitable as poolhouse lighting. This pendant lamp creates a warm atmosphere and is an absolute eye-catcher. 

Fittings for pool house lighting can take a beating 

The fixtures for pool house lighting we mentioned above can take a beating. They are thus corrosion-resistant and are suitable for all weather conditions. If you opt for lighting in a pool house that cannot come into contact with the weather, there are even more possibilities.

A unique and magical atmosphere with pool house lighting

Thanks to beautiful and atmospheric lighting in your pool house, you create a unique and fairy-like atmosphere in the garden. So you simply enjoy the outdoors for longer. 

The most popular colour for Authentage fixtures is bronze. This colour leans towards black, but has a deep bronze shade. If you use bronze luminaires as outdoor lighting, the influence of the sun and rain can give them a beautiful and natural patina. This adds to the versatile effect of Authentage poolhouse lighting.

Moveable pool house lighting from Authentage is also possible

Have you just installed a wooden pool house and finished it with a thatched roof, for example? Then Authentage's pool house lighting is a perfect match. Moreover, you do not always have to opt for fixed lighting. The Bellefeu on Battery 1L and 5L, for example, are perfect for a pool house. The Bellefeu on Battery 5L outdoor can also stand outside and create a beautiful atmosphere next to your pool house. These are easy to move, allowing you to create the right atmosphere in any corner you like.

Rustic and timeless pool house lighting by Authentage

Authentage is the lighting of choice to create atmosphere around your pool and in your pool house. Did you know that Authentage is a Belgian company that designs and assembles lighting in its own country? 

Log on to our website to get an overview of all luminaires. If you are a private individual and wish to install Authentage lighting yourself, you will find a Store Locator on our website that will guide you to the shops that distribute our lighting.