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Authentage kitchen lighting: practical and atmospheric at the same time

When you are decorating your kitchen, choosing the right lighting is just as important as selecting furniture or cupboards. Lighting in the kitchen combines a functional aspect with a pleasant atmosphere. While you're preparing food, you mainly need functional light. This is not only necessary for inspecting the ingredients for your meals, but also for your own safety at the cooker or when cutting vegetables.Since a kitchen is increasingly becoming a living space where you can get together with friends or family to prepare a meal while chatting, lighting in the kitchen should also be atmospheric and pleasing to the eye. Choosing the right luminaires and the right colour and intensity of light are essential.

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What kind of lighting to use in the kitchen?

What kind of lighting to use in the kitchen?Kitchen lighting is a versatile concept. The main types of kitchen lighting are recessed and surface-mounted spotlights, spots on track, hanging lamps and wall lamps.

Ceiling lighting with recessed spotlights

Recessed or surface-mounted spotlights are installed in or on the ceiling or on the underside of the cabinets above the worktop. Above a kitchen island, kitchen lighting in the ceiling is also a good idea. For general kitchen lighting, one spot per 3 square metres is ideal; above a worktop or kitchen island, recessed spotlights are best placed at a distance of 60 to 80 cm from each other.

Kitchen lighting with wall lights

Wall lights are always a good way to light up a kitchen. Place a wall lamp at eye level for a good view. The light should not shine into your eyes. So adjust the height to suit your height. Wall lights in kitchens serve mainly as mood lighting.

Hanging lights as kitchen lighting

Hanging lamps also create atmosphere but can be used for functional lighting above a kitchen table or above a kitchen island. It is therefore best to opt for dimmable lighting, so that you can vary the light intensity per s This type of lighting is best hung at least 175 cm above the ground. It is also best to consider this in relation to your own height. After all, you should always be able to see under the lamp and have a good view of the entire kitchen without visual obstructions.

Kitchen lighting: spots on track

Spotlights on track offer enormous freedom. Not only can you decide where on the rail you want to place the spots, but also in which direction the light beam will shine and how many spots you want on the track. In this way, a track spotlight can be put together as desired and easily changed again later.

Kitchen lighting? Choose the right light intensity

For lighting in the kitchen it is best to choose light elements with a strength of between 5000 and 10000 lumens. Normal daylight has a light value of around 5000 lumens. To properly illuminate a kitchen counter, kitchen island or dining table, it is best to choose a light value above 5000 lumens. For a wall light, this may be slightly less, as this type of lighting in the kitchen mainly serves to create atmosphere.

Belgian quality from Authentage for kitchen lighting

If you prefer decorative kitchen lighting that can also be functional, choose the Belgian quality fixtures from Authentage. Our employees design and assemble these fittings entirely in their own country. At Authentage, we always opt for timeless, high-quality materials that we combine with the most recent lighting technology. This way, you can enjoy warm light all day long and create the desired atmosphere at any time of the day. Looking for lighting in the kitchen? Then you have the choice between light fittings from our catalogue or custom-made, which is also a speciality of Authentage. Would you like to enjoy high-quality fittings for your kitchen lighting? Then contact us today, we are happy to give you more information about our products.