A modern approach to our timeless luminaires

At Authentage it is our ultimate goal to create authentic emotions with lighting. We achieve this unique atmosphere with top quality, timeless lighting fixtures that add value to every room in which they are used.

However, the interior style in which our lighting fixtures fit is not predetermined. We pride ourselves on the fact that our luminaires can be implemented in different styles of projects. Among the project photos we receive from interior and landscape designers, we regularly see exceptionally tasteful contemporary interior and landscape designs. Some of these modern project pictures we would like to share with you here!

Custom Bellefeu Vitrine Lantern suspension light for Dôme Project Interiors
Eligne Suspension in brushed nickel
Eligne suspension in bronze
Centonze classic spot

This last picture is part of a wonderful garden project in the south of Spain, by Adarve Gardens & Landscape design. Check out the full project here

The style of the designer

At Authentage we do not want to pin you down to one design style. What counts for us is an eye for detail and the atmosphere our handmade lighting can bring to a space. In the end it’s all about the emotion you, as a designer, want to evoke.  

We like to think along with you! Log in to your personal account and feel free to contact us to explore the possibilities for your project.


Please note that the pictures within this article cannot be used without the permission of Authentage.

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