The freedom to place outdoor lamps indoors

Now the trees are shifting from vivid green to lovely autumn colours, we retreat in the safety of our homes. Garden chairs make way for plaids and comfortable cushions, candles are lit, evenings become more cosy and serene. If there is one thing we need in the darker days, it is light.

There’s the lights that guide you down the garden path, the welcoming glow at your front door and, of course, the ambient lighting to set the right atmosphere for cosy evenings inside. For the latter, you can take a look at our ample range of indoor lighting, however you don’t have to limit yourself to indoor fixtures. As we have noted, some of our outdoor lamps find their right purpose in outstanding interior projects.

Indoor use for outdoor luminaires

Whereas it is difficult to place an indoor luminaire outside because of the IP requirements, the other way round isn’t a problem at all. As we stated in our previous blog post, our outdoor luminaires are made to withstand any weather conditions, but this doesn’t mean they have to: if you think one of our outdoor lamps would be perfect for your interior project, then why not put it there?

Take the Micro fixtures for example. The various types of wall lights of this collection are designed for outdoor use, but the subtle appearance of these spots make them a valuable option for indoors, too. These Micro luminaires are available in a variety of models and three different finishes (bronze, brushed nickel and chrome) to fit your own style. Here, in an interior project of AA+ Ontwerpbureau, the small single Micro wall spot is placed on the to emphasise certain features of the interior.

Floor and table lamps

Apart from the outdoor wall lights, the more mobile outdoor floor and table luminaires from the Micro collection can also be taken indoors when the summer is over. The difference here is that the indoor counterparts of both lamps include a push dimmer, which the outdoor version lacks. But, like our other fixtures, they are versatile and waiting to be placed wherever you think is best. And we at Authentage are happy to think along with you to find the perfect lamp for your project.

Take a closer look at the full Micro collection here.

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